About us

Hello, we are Marc and Rebecca, welcome to the about us section.

Half a Chance clothing co came about in spring 2020, yes that wonderful time we remember with horror. Created by tattoo artists Marc Warren and Rebecca Herring to A) survive all lockdowns, and B) do the thing we always talked about but never had the time to do. So we did. We put together a mash up of products, tees, prints, plugs etc. and made this online store you see before you.

As a small business we started small and put our efforts into bringing you clothes that are comfortable above all else. Prints that you’d love to give as gifts, and jewellery that makes you smile. As we grow we’d love to offer more. More products, more homeware, more sizes, more OPTIONS. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on our website or social media, just drop us a message or comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

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